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12 Aug 2016 (UTC-04:00) • Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes, Indiana
07 Oct 2016 (UTC-03:00) • Central Indiana

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    · Proposed AA Rule 

    · Lobby Day 

    · Message From The President
    Association News    
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    The INANA Political Action Committee works hard to fight for the rights of CRNAs. Please donate to help them continue their work.

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    In Memory of
    Elaine Kelley 

    INANA member Elaine Kelley passed away on October 30th. INANA wishes to extend its deepest sympathies and condolences to Lainey's family and friends. Please click the link below to read more about Lainey.

    Elaine Kelley
    Proposed AA Rule 

    The Indiana Medical Licensing Board published the proposed AA rule (LSA document #15-300) and has set a public hearing for December 3rd at 2:00pm. INANA members are invited to attend the hearing to support CRNA testimony.  Click HERE to read relevant documents and text of the proposed rule.  

    Location: Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W064, Indianapolis.   

    Lobby Day 


    INANA will host its first-ever lobby day at the Indiana State House on January 26th.

    We need your help to make sure our voices are heard. Register today to join us as we meet with representatives from CRNA home and work districts. We must have at least 20 individuals committed to attending, but the more who commit - the stronger our presence will be!

    At 9:00am we will meet with INANA lobbyist Mark Scherer for preparation and information -  "Lobbying 101".

    Following that, we will meet and greet representatives and staff, as well as the public, in the state house.

    We will then attend personal appointments with representatives from CRNA home and work districts.

    Finally, we will round off the day with a happy hour reception at 5:00pm.

    Register today to ensure our voices are heard.

    Message From The President

    First, let me say that I appreciate you allowing me to serve as your president. My only wish for this year is that I can faithfully voice your needs and concerns in our state and beyond. With that in mind, feel free to contact me anytime with issues, advice, or direction. I would ask all of you to please converse with me or someone on the board, to exchange ideas on how our organization can best serve your interests.

    I think that we have a pretty strong board this year. They have vigor, insight, and fresh ideas that really inspire me. We all have been working very hard on upcoming legislative matters, and I could not ask for a better team of colleagues! 

    On January 9th, we will be having another installment of the full-day strategic planning meeting. Our ultimate goal is to have a clear vision and mission moving our organization forward, rather than just having a reactionary response to issues.

    This all originated when we invited an AANA Organizational Review to evaluate our operation nearly two years ago. Hopefully, someday, we will have a well-oiled machine! The reality is that it is very difficult to achieve with a volunteer cadre of busy anesthesia professionals. Thank goodness that Paula is the rock that keeps us glued together!

    As a final comment, I would have all of you reach into your busy lives and see if you could spare a little time to help our organization. As Brad stated at our October conference, apathy and a lack of volunteerism is an ongoing problem. Of course, this has become an issue throughout our society. I hear about it almost every Sunday at church. The truth is, all this makes it really hard on the small number of our members that have to make all the decisions and do all the work required. It also makes it very hard to grow our organization. We are growing in numbers (271 members around 8 years ago when I started, to around 335 at the present), but about the same number of CRNAs are doing the business.

    How could you chip in?  Try to show up at our two legislative events, the AANA hearing on December 3rd and our first ever legislative day on January 26th.  Click HERE to register to participate in the Lobby Day.

    Or, you could volunteer on one of our committees, which offers a low-stress and low-risk transition into lending a hand. There are job descriptionsavailable for each
    position on our website. Or, simply find a colleague, and bring them to one of our conferences. Please consider it!

    Have a blessed holiday season; don’t work too hard! Here’s to a great 2016 for each of you, as well as our national and state anesthesia organizations!

    -Dave Proffer

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    INANA Newsletter
    September 2015

    Summer is quickly ending and the kids will be back in school soon if not already! Fall will be here before we know it and that means that the INANA Fall Meeting on October 2 - 4 is fast approaching. Make sure to register soon. I would like to encourage everyone who is available to attend if possible. It is a great way to get to network and to see all of our colleagues from around the state and also to make new friends. If you haven't attended before, come and see what we have to offer. It is also a great way to support our state organization since the proceeds help to fund the INANA. We need the support of all of our CRNAs to make this organization work. There are currently many positions that need to be filled, so if you want to help serve in a position of leadership or on a committee for your state, now is the time! Please get ahold of Rick Spangler at spang618@gmail.com for more information.

    -John Retzloff    
    Town Hall Meetings
    Join us for Town Hall Meetings at Biaggi's in Evansville (September 9) and The Exchange in New Albany (September 10). INANA will update you on what's going on with the association and ask for your feedback on your opinions and concerns. Attendees will be responsible for their own meal and beverage costs. Click HERE to sign up for the Evansville Town Hall or HERE to sign up for the New Albany Town Hall.    
    Upcoming Events
    Visit www.inana.org and click on the Events tab or follow the links below to find more information about the upcoming Town Hall sessions and the 2015 Fall Meeting.

        Evansville Town Hall                            New Albany Town Hall 

                                      2015 Fall Meeting  

    Member Profile
    John Retzloff

    Hey everyone. I wanted to give you all a brief bio of myself. I was born in Grand Rapids, MI but grew up in the South Bend, IN area since I was eight years old. I attended Riley High School and then IUSB for my BSN. After I became an RN, I worked as a staff nurse for seven years in ER, PACU, ICU, and finally as a Flight RN before getting into a CRNA program. I attended Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL where I received my MS in Anesthesia. Since graduation, I have been working with Great Lakes Anesthesia. I currently rotate between approximately seven different facilities ranging from Michigan City to Warsaw. I am married and have three sons who are 7, 11, and 14 years old. When I'm not busy with them or working I love to practice the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in which I currently hold a brown belt. I also study jazz piano and enjoy photography. I have served as part of the INANA leadership for the past four years as the Federal Political Director, the 1st and 2nd director, and soon to be Treasurer.
    Mark Your Calendars

    2016 Spring Meeting

    Save the date to join us in Merrillville, IN from Friday, March 4 - Sunday, March 6, 2016. More information coming soon.



    2016 Fall Meeting 

    Pencil in the INANA 2016 Fall Meeting in Central Indiana. The meeting will be October 7 - 9. Check out inana.org for more.

    This issue:
    ·  Town Hall Meetings
    ·  Upcoming Events
    ·  Member Profile
    Fall Meeting
    Click HERE to register for the 2015 INANA Fall Meeting, reserve your hotel room, and download the brochure.

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        Your source for news from the INANA! Read on to learn about the latest updates and news.




    Newsletter: June 2015

    Greetings from the INANA:

    Exciting things are happening with the INANA. Read on to learn about upcoming events, current issues affecting our industry, and what your fellow INANA members have been doing.
    Register now for the Fall Assembly and mark your calendar for the upcoming Town Hall sessions. Keep reading to learn more... 


    Anesthesia in Rural Guatemala by Brad Stelflug

    I have been fortunate to be able to serve multiple times with the organization, Children of the Americas (COTA).  This organization, based out of Lexington, Kentucky, provides medical and surgical services to the indigent people of rural Guatemala. The six times that I have gone to Guatemala I have worked with the plastic surgeons who repair cleft lips and palates. This year we went to San Benito National Hospital in the northern part of Guatemala. We were told that they had not had a medical mission team for 12 years. This was most likely true based on the hundreds of patients that we saw every day. The National hospital kept one of their ORs to maintain their surgery schedule but they gave up the other two. We did two tables of GYN in one OR and a table of general surgery plus one table of ortho in the other OR. Plastics? Well we emptied their supply room and set up a one table OR in that closet. This was not the first time we have set up in a closet and actually, the high temperatures are welcomed by our pediatric patients. Us Americans tend to melt.                                                                                                                  

    In order to make this closet OR work, I deliver anesthesia with an old Army 885 field anesthesia machine and large oxygen cylinders. The vaporizer doesn’t have heat compensation so I do the math equations the night before the OR schedule. These rural places are usually at elevation so I have to calculate this factor into the Sevoflurane delivery also. I enjoy teaching the anesthesiology residents that we bring on the trip. They are eager to learn this “copper kettle” that is still on their boards. 

    The most rewarding part of these trips remains the repair that these children receive. We repair some very extensive clefts and the results tend to bring the parents to tears with gratitude. The hugs and smiles will keep me going back year after year. Also, because we do the lip repair first and then bring them back the next year for their palate repair, I get to see the kids and their families twice. Very rewarding indeed!


    Member Profile by Allison Luellen

    I graduated in 2000 with my BSN from Anderson University and went straight to the operating room at IU Med Center where I learned to scrub and circulate. I decided to do travel nursing after working with travel scrub techs and scrub nurses in the OR. I traveled to Boston, Mass General and saw the ether some. Other cities I traveled to included San Francisco, Palo Alto, Honolulu, and Chicago. My travels introduced me to CRNAs. Every facility I worked at utilized CRNAs in their ORs. I loved working with them and they actually encouraged me to go back to school for it. I did open heart recovery, trauma ICU, and medical/surgical ICU.  I went to Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth for didactic and my clinicals were in Denver. I also traveled to Louisville for pediatrics and Edgewood, KY for hearts. Hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but most rewarding. I got a scholarship as a student to attend the AANA annual conference in San Diego when Jackie Rowles was the national president. I have been a member of INANA since I was a student. Fall 2014 was the first time I served on the board. I have recently consulted with Saint Francis University in Fort Wayne, after meeting the president at a baseball game! I am starting my doctoral degree in August at Union University in Jackson, TN. I hope to use the degree to teach at a CRNA program in Indiana!







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    2015 Fall Meeting
    Join us for a weekend of education and networking. 

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    Town Halls
    Get updated on INANA and voice your opinions.

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    Help Your PAC

    Did you know that AA legislation was recently passed here in Indiana that gives AAs the ability to practice?  Did you also know that the bill for CRNAs to be able to practice under the supervision of podiatrists was also defeated? These are examples of a couple of battles that the INANA has been fighting here at home in Indiana.


    Unfortunately, money talks in politics and the ISA has a much larger PAC account than we have. But we all can change that. If we all would just donate what amounts to at least an hour of our wages, our PAC would be able to be much more effective. Can you afford just $10, $15, or $20 every month to help advance our practice rights in Indiana?  Fortunately, donating to our INANA PAC has never been easier.  There is an auto deduct feature now available on the INANA website that allows either a one time or recurring deduction to be taken from a credit card.  There is a link to donate directly from the INANA homepage.


    Please consider donating today. Our practice can be greatly restricted if we allow the ISA to have their way. Thank you all for your continued support. Let's make our PAC bigger than ever!



    INANA Seeks New Board/Committee Members 

    Do you feel that you want to make a difference in our state? Do you have the desire to help advance CRNA practice? The INANA Board of Directors needs your help! We are currently looking for people to serve in many positions. There are positions that range from serving on a committee, to becoming a member of the Board of Directors. Any help is greatly needed!  Don't be intimidated and think that a ton of time or experience is needed. All that is needed is the desire to make a difference and we will walk you through the rest. If you are at all interested or would like more information please contact Nominating Committee Chair, Rick Spangler at spang618@gmail.com.   

    Fall Meeting 2015

    Join us for a weekend of Continuing Education, a PAC Fundraiser, and Networking Opportunities. Click the link on the left to register and reserve your room at the Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel. We'll see you on October 2nd!

    Town Halls         

    Take advantage of the unique opportunity to be
    updated on what's going on with the INANA and give us your feedback and opinions or concerns with matters directly affecting our association and professional field. Follow the link to the left to learn more.

    Photo courtesy of havelocknc.us

    Congratulations Scholarship Recipients

    The INANA would like to congratulate the 2015 Scholarship Recipients. Nancy Walker, from Rush University, received the Betty Horton Scholarship. Jessica Folsom, from the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish, received the Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists Scholarship. Congratulations!


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    Since 1937 we have been Protecting Our Patients, Serving Our Members! 

    INANA Newsletter March 2015  
    Member Spotlight - Dane Lee

    Dane graduated from Indiana University with his BSN in 1996. After working briefly at the VA, he landed a job in the Trauma/Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Wishard Hospital (formally) in Indianapolis. He attended Villanova University for anesthesia and graduated with his MSN in 2002. He has worked in various anesthesia delivery model practice settings from medical direction to solo independent practice. He has worked the majority of his career as a solo anesthesia provider in rural settings. He enjoys the autonomy and close relationships that this practice setting provides.

    He has always valued continuing education and professional development. He felt it was time to give back to the profession that has been so rewarding for him. He desired to take on more of a professional leadership role, so in 2011, he decided to pursue a doctorate degree in order to foster his career goals of leadership, teaching and business management. The Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) was very appealing to him because it had an anesthesia focus and was evidence-based practice centered.

    During his doctorate program he sought out an anesthesia program looking for a rural anesthesia rotation, and in 2013 he became the clinical coordinator for 2 rural sites. Since obtaining his doctorate he has accepted a university DNAP teaching position.  He is also involved in the INANA, serving as the Federal Political Director on the Board of Directors. He feels that having his doctorate will continue to open new doors for himself and ultimately further his professional growth as a CRNA.



    By Cornelia Hammerly, INANA-GR Chair

    Government Relations Report

    As the 2015 Legislative Session is in full swing, here are the latest bills of importance to CRNA practice:

    Senate Bill (SB) 167 (authored by Sen. Pat Miller) and House Bill (HB) 1310 (authored by Rep. Frizzell, Rep. Shackleford, Rep. Bacon, and Rep. Davisson) are both the “CRNAs working with Podiatrists” bill.  It would allow the CRNAs to administer anesthesia under the direction and in the immediate presence of a podiatrist if the administration of the anesthesia takes place in a hospital and a physician (podiatrists are not considered “physicians” under the Medical Practice Act of Indiana) is available to respond immediately in person to a medical emergency.  You may view this bill at http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2015/bills/

    We expect the ISA and ISMA to, again, oppose our efforts.  A hearing on the bill in the Senate Health  and Provider Services Committee may take place in the next couple of weeks.  Over the past 6 weeks, Mark Scherer and myself were able to meet with the three newest members serving on this committee, Senator Michael Crider (District 28, Hancock County and parts of Marion and Shelby Counties), Senator Liz Brown (District 15, Allen County, Forty Wayne) and Senator Rick Niemeyer (District 6, Newton County, Crown Point, St. John, Cedar Lake).  We’ve already done personal meetings with all the other members in 2014.

    Two other major health care bills for this session are SB 55 and HB 1043, both of which make changes to the Patients Compensation Fund. The trial attorneys are pushing these bills because the various financial limits in the law have not been changed for many years.  You may read about these bills at:



    At this point the ISMA, IHA, IHCA, and probably other associations have taken a position of opposition to SB 55 and possibly to HB 1043.  The vote on final passage in the Senate was supposed to occur today, but it was postponed until Thursday.  INANA has also joined the opposition to these bills.

    February 19 - Senate committee report deadline on Senate bills

    February 20 - House committee report deadline on House bills

    February 25 - Deadline for bills to pass chamber of origin

    April 8 - House committee report deadline on Senate bills

    April 9 - Senate committee report deadline on House bills

    April 15 - Deadline for bills to pass 2nd chamber

    April 29 - Adjournment

    In Other News......

    Reductions in Medicare reimbursement for hospital acquired conditions are affecting 721 hospitals nationwide, and teaching hospitals are highly represented.  

    Medicare reimbursement for October 2014-September 2015 will be reduced by one percent for hospitals in the top 25 percent nationally of hospital acquired conditions rate over the past three years. The conditions measured are central-line associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and eight serious complications, including blood clots, bed sores, and falls. The fourteen Indiana hospitals that make the list are Eskenazi Hospital, Indiana University Health's Methodist Hospital, Community North Hospital, Community Heart & Vascular, Lebanon's Witham Health Services, Community Howard Regional in Kokomo, Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne, Franciscan Alliance hospitals in Crown Point and Munster, Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Methodist Hospital in Gary, Physicians' Medical Center in New Albany, Saint Joseph Regional hospital in Plymouth, and Union Hospital in Terre Haute. This constitutes 16% of the Indiana hospitals assessed in the program, which is better than the national average of 22%.

    Sign-Ups and Re-Enrollees for the ACA Marketplace have surpassed last year's open enrollment and continue to climb, nearing 6.4 million.

    Indiana Hospital Association has launched a website for consumers to compare price and quality of Indiana hospitals at mycareINsight.org. It provides price information on the 100 most common inpatient procedures and data on infection rates, mortality rates, readmissions rates and patient satisfaction levels. The price data is based on the chargemaster list of sticker prices that hospitals report to the Indiana State Department of Health.

    The next offering of ISNA's Policy 101 Legislative Conference will be Tuesday, February 24, 2015, from 9:00-12:00 EST at the University of Indianapolis in the Schwitzer Student Center. Attendees will hear presentations on the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Indiana Center for Nursing, legislative process, current issues in Indiana, and professional engagement. Continuing nurse education contact hours are included.

    Registration is also open for the ISNA’s Advanced Policy Conference, Thursday, March 5, 2015, from 08:30-13:30 EST.  Topics include Results and Implications of the 2013 RN Licensure Survey, Family and Social Services Administration Update, Future Nurse Policy Roundtables, Legislator Q&A and a Legislative Session Report.  Register for conferences at www.indiananurses.org


    INANA Spring Meeting Almost Here!

    Well winter looks like it may finally be coming to an end and spring is fast approaching, which means that the INANA Spring Meeting is also coming up soon!  This year we will be meeting in Fort Wayne and we are looking forward to getting to know the CRNAs from that area.  Remember to register at http://inana.wildapricot.org/event-1692479.  If you have not logged in yet on the INANA website your login is your email address and the password is inanamember.  Hope to see everyone there!

    Register now!

    INANA Spring Meeting

    March 20-22, 2015

    Fort Wayne Convention Center

    Fort Wayne, IN


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